1963 Chrysler Turbine Car is for sale, and it’s the coolest car you can buy

If you have a lot of money, there are a lot of really wild and exciting cars to choose from. But I feel confident in saying that none of them, none of them, can come close to being as brilliantly bad ass as this 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car

, first spotted by Barn Finds, which, yes, is actually something you can buy and own. And even drive!

Here’s a quick recap of the Turbine Car in case you’re unfamiliar. Back in the 1960s, Chrysler was researching turbine engines for vehicle propulsion, and to get an idea for how well they would work in the real world, they built 5 prototype cars followed by 50 production models. Those latter models did a tour to just over 200 families, each of which spent 90 days driving the cars. According to Motor Trend

, the engine produced 130 horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque, and it was paired with a three-speed automatic.

Afterward, the cars were returned to Chrysler, which eventually decided that turbine engines weren’t the way of the future. According to Hyman Ltd., the company selling this example, only nine Turbine Cars were spared the crusher, and six were sent to museums. This was one of the cars Chrysler held onto, and it was occasionally loaned to executives and such. It was then sold to William Harrah for his collection and museum in Las Vegas. It later was sold to the founder of Domino’s Pizza, and then to the latest owner, Frank Kleptz. Kleptz then worked with GE Engine

Services to rebuild the engine and make the car run again.

As it sits, the car features its original paint, trim and interior. It comes with spare parts and various documents. And of course it oozes cool, from the whistling engine under the hood to the jet-inspired, Ghia-built body and sleek interior. Plus, you can be sure you won’t see ano ther one on the road, unless you happen to be cruising by Jay Leno’s garage in Burbank, Calif.

It really doesn’t get cooler than this. Hyman hasn’t listed a price for it, but we’re sure it will sell for a massive amount, and it would probably be money well spent.

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