2022 Amelia Concours d’Elegance Mega Gallery | The show in pictures

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. — The 2022 Amelia Concours d’Elegance happened this past weekend, and we showed up to capture everything worth seeing. Situated in northern Florida on Amelia Island, the natural surroundings make for a glamorous (though not quite Pebble Beach levels of glamor

) backdrop. The ocean and the Ritz-Carlton hotel are nearby, and much of the classic car celebrity world is in attendance. Plus, it’s warm and sunny being situated near Jacksonville, making it a great end-of-winter escape to an au to show

Of course, we came for the cars, which is exactly what you’ll see paging through the gallery above. There were planes, dogs and a classic Concours-style award ceremony. Attendance was high, even if it doesn’t look like much in our photos — the media get early access to the field so we can get images like the ones you’re looking at here without crowds in the way. By midday, it was crowded enough to feel like rush-hour gridlock trying to move up and down the main byways of the show.

Manufacturer presence was noticeable but not suffocating. BMW showed up with the coolest of the OEM-supplied classics. The E31 M8 Prototype that was only ever shown publicly in the U.S. once in its lifetime. This bonkers M8 features a bespoke V12 engine that makes 630 horsepower and is littered with advanced carbon fiber

parts. Sadly, that M8 was never put into production.

The field consisted of over 200 cars ranging from horseless carriages to modern supercars and so many eras in between. Best in Show went to a 1934 Duesenberg, and if you’re curious to know more about the winners of the show, you can check out our winners post here


Once you’re done gawking at the millions of dollars of metal in the gallery above, tell us which is your favorite in the comments below.