2022 Kia Carnival Hi Limousine is the mogul’s minivan


The Kia Carnival minivan is already notable for its upscale interior, which in top-spec SX Prestige form is decked out with “VIP Lounge” second-row seats that are heated and ventilated, recline as much as a dentist’s chair, and feature deployable leg rests. Still, all that pales next to the Kia Carnival

Hi Limousine that’s available in Korea.

As surfaced by Carscoops, the Carnival Hi Limousine takes the luxury-minivan idea to the next level. That starts with the raised roof, a la U.S.-style custom travel vans, which allows an extra measure of headroom and features ambient lighting. A full set of curtains covers the side windows, shielding passengers from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Naturally, there are individual reclining rear seats, but the latest Hi Limousine opens up more space for them by ditching the rear bench. The quilted leather lounge chairs feature individual tray tables, and between them is a touchscreen controller. There’s another touchscreen mounted to the ceiling.

A bulkhead at the base of the front seats houses a refrigerated drawer and a shoe storage compartment. And passengers will want to kick off their shoes so that they can enjoy the Hi Limousine’s signature feature: an automated foot massager.

The Carnival Hi Limousine costs the equivalent of $75,000 in Korea — versus just over $47,000 for the SX Prestige here in the United States. But think of the money you’d save on professional foot massages.

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