2023 Ford Mustang’s black accent package will be called ‘Nite Pony’

Ford has selected an official name for the black accent package

debuting on the 2023 Mustang: “Nite Pony.” The crowdsourced moniker beat out “Alastor,” “Shadowmare” and “Shadow Stallion” in the final round of names submitted by fans in Ford’s social media quest to brand the new appearance package that will help see off the current generation of Ford’s iconic pony car. 

Ford’s effort to name its new exterior package started back in June of this year when it cast a wide net on social media in search of suggestions. Earlier this month, the company announced the above finalists. The package include black exterior (and like interior) accents and wheels, likely with red accents (at least on the GT). We should get full details and photos of the car to share

in short order, as Ford is poised to announce plans for the 2023 Mustang lineup during this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit. 

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