2024 Ford Mustang trunk badge intriguingly teased

A week ago, Ford teased the burble th at will billow from the pipes of the seventh-generation 2024 Must ang

. Sticking to the backside, Ford went to Facebook to share another teaser of what’s to come. This one’s even shorter and not as visceral; starting with a shot of a red hardshell suitcase with Mustang stripes and a Ford Mustang badge on the coming car’s trunk, the decklid closes on a close-up of a GT Performance badge. There are two novel aspects to this tease: It’s laid out like a recent Ford Performance badge, and this is the first Mustang we can recall in recent memory to have the word “Performance” inscribed into a series production emblem.

The 2005- to 2010-model-year Mustang GTs featured a similar logotype on their fenders — the “G” and “T” one continuous piece with full-length channel and without hint of a break between them. That style showed up again on the fender of the Mustang Shelby GT350

— a Ford Performance creation. Side note: One of Shelby American’s logos is similar, a channeled and connected “C” and “S.”

The current Mustang GT offers a Performance Package, but it can’t be identified by special badging. The last time we saw a standard Mustang with such unique identifiers was the 2020 Mustang EcoBoost with the 2.3-liter High Performance Package

which cost $4,995 and added 20 horsepower and a host of performance mods. The question is whether a similar mark on the S650 ‘Stang will refer to the GT Performance Package we expect, or signify a standalone upgraded trim. Who knows, maybe it refers to the rumored
500-horsepower Mustang we’ve heard about.

Answers to this and so much more will begin to flow on September 14 at the Mustang Stampede event where the new car debuts.