2024 Honda Accord spy photos shows new styling, possible next generation

Honda’s midsize sedan will soldier on for at least one more generation, by all appearances. This prototype of what is expected to be a 2024 Honda Accord was caught testing on public roads in the Midwest, our spies tell us, giving us an idea of what to expect from the perennial family sedan. 

Given the current state of four-door sales, we’d forgive Honda for slapping a fresh coat of paint on the Accord and sending it right back out the door. After all, how much newness is really necessary in a model designed for customers who are at least a generation removed from the general automotive zeitgeist? Furthermore, how much is really necessary when the sedan in question is as excellent as the current Accord? Based on what we’re seeing here, reality will probably fall somewhere in between a full, ground-up redesign and a heavy refresh. 

As you can see in the above photos, the prototype shows the same general proportions and body lines. The upswept lower rocker design and short rear deck appear to carry over almost completely unchanged, though the new car

appears to have a more pronounced decklid lip spoiler. The pronounced crease that runs beneath the greenhouse from the front fender rearward appears to carry over too. Those side mirrors might even be identical. On the flip side, we’re seeing what is likely a complete overhaul of the rear lighting and bumper design, despite a general rear taper that appears to follow the existing body shape. 

The camo up front is really earning its keep, but there appear to be some dramatic differences here too. The large, single-piece grille treatment is either inverted or tossed completely. The new grille looks fairly similar to what can be seen on the new HR-V

. The headlights appear distinctly cut off from the grille assembly and the LED “signature” element has moved from the bottom of the housing to the top. And rather than the bulky lip extensions protruding from both sides of the bumper cover, we see a thinner, full-width lip that defines the edge of the lower grille. 

We’re not sure exactly when the new Accord will be ready for prime time, but since Honda has been calling 2022 the “Year of the SUV,” we’re pretty confident in our assumption that we won’t see the new sedan until at least 2023. Stay tuned. 

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