Bentley’s next model gets Airline Seat Specification option

Bentley is preparing to add a fifth model to its line-up. The company isn’t ready to reveal the car’s identity — though we think we know what we’re looking at — but it announced that the mysterious vehicle will be available with an option called Airline Seat Specification.

If you travel in economy class, there is absolutely nothing glamorous about an airline seat: it’s often thinly-padded, cramped, and not nearly as clean as we like to imagine. Bentley’s new option takes inspiration from the front of the plane, however, where business class and first-class passengers fly. Buyers who order the Airline Seat Specification option will get a car whose individual rear seats are 22-way power-adjustable, feature what the firm calls an “auto climate sensing system,” and benefit from an advanced postural adjustment technology that offers 177 individual pressure changes possible across six zones. Bentley proudly calls this the most advanced seat ever fitted to a car.

The company is also embedding lighting elements into the door panels. Called Bentley Diamond Illumination, this system consists of 12 LEDs integrated into the front door panels and 22 LEDs integrated into the rear door panels. They’re configured to shine through small holes in the upholstery. The result is shown in the image above, though other designs may be possible. Bentley pointed out that the model it’s preparing to unveil will offer no less than 24 billion (yes, billion

!) unique possible configurations of trim specification alone.

As for the rest of the car, nothing is official yet but we’re fairly sure that we’re looking at a long-wheelbase version of the Bentayga

. We’ll have a better idea of what Bentley has in the pipeline when the model makes its debut online on May 10, 2022, at 12:30 p.m British time.

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