Cadillac applies to trademark Celestiq variant names

If the Cadillac Celestiq is really going to drive into the deep end of the superluxury pool, there’s no reason it shouldn’t copy some of the superluxury strokes. The Silverado EV Forum

found four trademark applications Cadillac made with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the battery-electric liftback: Celestiq Aurora, Celestiq Magnetic, Celestiq Mist, and Celestiq Vale. Naturally, we have no idea how these will be used. Many don’t think these are trims, though, but design themes.

When color and materials departments like Bentley

Mulliner and Q by Aston Martin offer chromatic options so vast only mantis shrimp have the eyes to appreciate them, human clients might find analysis paralysis comes easier for deciding on paints and trims and colors. Bentley’s configurator starts with a page called “Bentley Suggests” before diving into options, and some of the fine-grained features come with the tab, “Recommended by Bentley.” Aston Martin’s configurator groups interior designs into three umbrellas, Accelerate, Create, and Inspire, with seven subdivisions. Ultimately, clients can choose any combination of colors that makes them happy.

It’s possible these potential trademarks have are out to do the same for the Celestiq. We’re going to guess Aurora would represent a palette of reds, Magnetic a range of grays, Mist would be blues, and Vale would be greens or some sort of comprehensive black treatment. Or the names could represent trims that differ in equipment and price. We hope to find out more when the Celestiq gets its full-featured that could come later this year. Sales are roughly two years away, the sedan expected sometime in 2024 as a 2025 model, loaded with tech like a 55-inch instrument panel display, a Smart Glass Roof that can darken in four quadrants to please specific occupants (we just hope it the roof opens!

), and touchscreens on the rear headrests.

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