EV adoption bottleneck, Volvo EX30 tease, Fisker Ocean Force E, Pear delay: Today’s Car News

Fisker shows an off-road Ocean and resets some timelines. Volvo teases a smaller electric SUV. EV tires should be a business opportunity. And dealerships are no longer choking EV adoption. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Have friends, family, or you tried to find an EV in stock to drive and buy? A nationwide study of the electric vehicle shopping experience from the Sierra Club, following the format of previous studies going back to 2016, shows that dealerships are no longer the choke point in EV adoption

. It’s the automakers themselves, not providing as many EVs as dealerships want. 

Fisker revealed a “hard core” off-road package for the Ocean electric SUV, called Force E. The brawny version bowed the same day that Fisker revealed some reality checks

about its timeline and business—including a 2023 target lowered from 50,000 vehicles to 32,000-36,000 vehicles, and the delay of its Pear EV to 2025. That news came in addition to news that the company has now started Ocean deliveries in Europe
, six months after contract maker Magna started producti on in Austria, with homologation issues credited for the delay. 

Should tire and aftermarket service chains focus on EVs? None do right now, and according to results from the survey giant J.D. Power, they could gain some business in doing so from EVs’ greater replacement-tire needs

And Volvo on Tuesday teased a mix of leading-edge and traditional design in a smaller electric SUV to be called EX30. It’s set for a reveal June 7, and U.S. reservations will open the same day.


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