Pierre Gasly is under investigation for driving too quickly under red flag conditions after passing a crane on track during the Japanese Grand Prix.

The Frenchman was trying to catch the back of the field that was circulating behind the Safety Car on the second lap of the race, after Carlos Sainz had crashed amid heavy rain.

As Gasly approached the scene of the accident, the red flag was shown just two seconds before he passed a recovery vehicle on track, leading to an angry response from the AlphaTauri driver.

However, the FIA has summoned Gasly for his driving following that point, alleging he drove too quickly back to the pits under red flag conditions.

The summons reads Gasly is being investigated for an “Alleged breach of Article 57.2 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations – Speeding under Red Flag Conditions (Car 10 reached speeds of up to 250 km/h when completing the lap under the red flag after passing the scene of the incident).”

Gasly will visit the stewards at 1800 local time, after the window for the race to resume, as it is currently still under red flag conditions. The race must be completed by 1700 local time.

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