Genesis X concept is beautiful, and Genesis needs to build it

Genesis has been on a serious roll as of late. Every new production model seems to be more elegant and muscular, whether its one of the brand’s sedans or the new and surprisingly colorful GV70 crossover. But as good as the production models are, the latest Genesis concept, simply called the X, has blown them all away.

The company had almost nothing to say about actual specifications for power, range and more, except that it would be electric, but we don’t especially care, because we’re happy to just stare at it. The coupe has a surprisingly traditional shape with distinct hood, cabin and trunk sections, but they stand out in a world full of fastbacks and crossovers. The proportions are also traditional, but in a timeless manner with a long, low hood and pert tail. Adding athleticism to the shape are the bulging fenders and the corporate grille leaning forward. The split headlights squint and scowl at the people around it, and they dramatically sweep into the front fenders. The taillights do the same, but in reverse, and the tail is comparatively conservative, but fitting with the elegant, classic shape of the X.

The interior is a blend of classic and modern design themes. The cabin is minimalist with all the air vents hidden in the trim. But screens are downplayed here, with all of them placed in a leather-wrapped binnacle that surrounds the driver. The front passengers get beautiful brown leather bucket seats, and the rear bench is covered in a dark green-blue leather.

Genesis made no mention of this car coming to production, which seems to fit with the lack of details on powertrain or anything else mechanical. Certainly styling elements will find their way into future production cars — but we want an actual coupe as close to this as possible. It’s so gorgeous, and it doesn’t even look that fanciful. Certainly it would need a toned-down interior, and you would end up getting big mirrors and more exterior cut lines, but this looks like it could sit on a Genesis lot right now. Coupes may not be selling now, but this could be a great flagship or halo vehicle for the brand. Stick it on the E-GMP platform with the top-rung Kia EV6 GT powertrain

. We think that as a high-dollar grand tourer with over 300 miles of range, lightning fast charging and a 0-60 time of under 4 seconds, this could be a reasonable success, and a show of what Genesis is capable of. Do it, Genesis, this deserves to see the light of day.

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