Giga Germany deliveries, coal rebounds, filling up gas vs. EV: Today’s Car News

Tesla makes its first deliveries from Giga Berlin. EVs cost even less to “fill up” vs. gasoline vehicles as pump prices surge. And more coal is in the mix. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Yesterday Tesla delivered its first cars from its new factory in Germany, nicknamed Giga Berlin. CEO Elon Musk handed over 30 Model Y Performance crossovers to first customers. The European market promises to be especially lucrative for Tesla, partly due to the potential for revenue from EU regula tory credits. 

A report from the International Energy Agency finds that global CO2 emissions related to power generation rose in 2021, by 6%. The culprit in this important metric for electric cars: coal, which accounted for 40% of the increase. 

And according to a recent analysis by the EV advocacy trade group ZETA, gasoline vehicles cost up to six times more to fill up versus what it costs to fully charge electric vehicles, on a per-mile basis. It’s a reminder that as the price of gas has skyrocketed, U.S. electricity ratepayers have enjoyed stable, predictable costs. 


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