GRIDLIFE’s Touring Cup (GLTC) racing series and a select group of TrackBattle Time Attack cars will join the NASCAR Xfinity Series at Road America, July 27-29.

While GRIDLIFE, which is known for its grassroots racing community and festival-style music events popular with young motorsport fans, has hosted its own weekends at Road America in the past, this will be the series’ first time in a support role for a major North American racing event.

GRIDLIFE Touring Cup is a wheel-to-wheel road racing series that features single-class competition with spectator-friendly 15-minute races. The series allows for a wide variety of makes and models to compete together with rules based on balancing horsepower and weight.

This means that a Mazda MX-5, Honda S2000, Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche Cayman, Honda Civic, and BMW M3 can all race together in the same class competitively in home-brewed vehicles. Spectators can often find a race-prepped version of the car they drove to the track, making GLTC one of the most relatable road racing series in the country. Even a Honda Odyssey minivan and Chevrolet S-10 pickup have competed in GLTC.

The series has gained a passionate following due to its accessibility for grassroots racers and its low accident rates. Drivers are reminded in every meeting: The worst thing that can happen when you leave space for another driver is that you have a gre at race.

This principle of no-contact but competitive racing has led to large field sizes, often exceeding 50 cars. The last time Road America held a GRIDLIFE Touring Cup race was in 2021.

“After a year away because of a date clash with the track repave, we’re genuinely excited and honored to return to Road America and support one of the biggest weekends on the calendar with GRIDLIFE competition,” said GRIDLIFE Motorsports Director Adam Jabaay.

“Road America is one of the best facilities in the sport and I’m sure our drivers will be excited to use the fresh pavement to reset GRIDLIFE track records again.”

GRIDLIFE competitors will share the paddock with Porsche Carrera Cup and the NASCAR Xfinity Series. To learn more about GRIDLIFE and other upcoming events, visit