Half-doors are now available for the 2021 Jeep Wrangler

Back in January, we got a look at a Jeep Wrangler sporting previously unavailable half doors with soft windows, indicating that they would be available soon. And sometime between then and now, Jeep

has made it officially available with the Dual Door Group option appearing in the 2021 Wrangler
configuration tool.

The door option is available on almost every configuration of 2021 Jeep Wrangler

on offer from two-door Sport to four-door Rubicon. The only models that it isn’t offered with are the 4xe hybrid models and the flashy, street-oriented High Altitude. Two versions are available, a standard half door with fabric upper, or a version with a fancier upper section plus power heated mirrors and speed-sensitive power locks. Pricing, listed below, is dependent in part on whe ther you have a two-door or four-door, since you’ll obviously be getting extra doors for the four-door.

  • Two-door
    • Standard: $2,350
    • Premium: $2,550
  • Four-door
    • Standard: $3,995
    • Premium: $4,395

Since these doors are part of the Dual Door Group, they are provided in addition to your standard full-size doors, so if you decide you want a little better temperature and sound insulation, you have that option. Also, while the half-doors aren’t listed for the 4xe or the Gladiator

for that matter, we don’t see any reason they couldn’t be fitted if you were able to obtain some from Jeep outside of the option package. And if it’s a successful option package, we don’t see any reason why Jeep wouldn’t offer the package on those vehicles directly.

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