Lewis Hamilton says he’s ready for his luck to change after losing out to teammate George Russell again as a result of the timing of a safety car during the Miami Grand Prix.

Russell started from 12th after a disappointing qualifying so opted for the hard tire and was able to run long, admitting via team radio during the race that he was going to stay out in the hope of a race interruption to make his pit stop.

That duly arrived when Lando Norris retired after contact with Pierre Gasly, allowing Russell to restart late on with fresh medium tires, going on to overtake Hamilton for an eventual fifth place.

“Yeah, waiting for ,” Hamilton said. “But until then, keep working as hard as I can, and working with the team. We got some good points as a team.”

Hamilton was offered a choice of making an extra pit stop and dropping behind Russell or staying ahead during the safety car period, but told his team it needed to make the decision for him given his restricted view of the race situation from within the car.

“When you’re out there, you don’t have all the information,” he said. “You don’t know where everyone is and you don’t have the picture that they have on the screen. So when you’re given the responsibility to make a decision, it feels like you’re gambling and I don’t like that. So I was like ‘you guys make the decision’. But either way, we were just unfortunate.

“In that scenario I have no clue where everyone is. So when the team says ‘it is your choice’ – I don’t have the information to make the decision. That’s what your job is. Make the decision for me. You have all the details, and I don’t.

“That’s what you rely on the guys for. But they gave to me and I didn’t understand it. was just a bit unfortunate under the safety car, but like I said, at least we got points. We’re finishing, the reliability was good. I am excited at some stage to take a step forward, which we haven’t yet.”

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