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Honda and GM are partnering for “millions” of affordable EVs. DeLorean is back again—this time without working time-machine nostalgia. And Fisker’s battery coverage looks among the best. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.


This morning GM and Honda announced an expanded partnership to co-develop a new global vehicle architecture for “millions” of affordable EVs

. The platform will be based on what the companies refer to as a next-generation version of GM’s Ultium battery technology. Meanwhile, each company reports independent progress on battery tech—including solid-state cells likely arriving later in the decade.

The DeLorean Motor Company is back again—but not this time with a revival of the “Back to the Future” DMC-12. On Monday it confirmed, with a first tease, that its upcoming all-electric sports car

will look like the start of something new beyond that nostalgia. 

And Fisker recently confirmed that its upcoming Ocean electric SUV, still set to arrive late this year, will offer one of the best battery warranties among EVs. Fisker’s coverage of the Ocean’s pack, featuring CATL cells, assures 75% of the original capacity for 10 years or 100,000 miles—a sweet spot that potentially beats both Tesla’s 8-year timeout and Rivian’s 175,000 mileage max.


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