Hot Wheels launches first remote-controlled wheelchair toy

Hot Wheels has partnered with Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, a five-time Wheelchair Motocross World Champion and Paralympic athlete, to release its first remote-controlled wheelchair toy. The model comes with a ramp, and it features a cool function called “wheelie boost.”

Designed for kids aged five and up, the wheelchair toy is about six inches tall and capable of reaching up to 6 mph when the wheelie boost kicks in — there is a dragster-like wheelie bar attached to the back end of the wheelchair to ensure it stays upright even as it accelerates towards its top speed. It comes with a fairly simple-looking remote that features two joysticks and three buttons. Kids can use it to perform a variety of stunts, spins, and jumps inspired by some of Fotheringham’s impressive achievements.

The figure sitting on the wheelchair is a representation of the athlete, who participated in the project, will help launch the toy, and is famous for his BMX-like riding style. He notably stands proud as the first person in the world to perform a wheelchair backflip.

Hot Wheels will release the remote-controlled wheelchair on November 1

, 2022. It will exclusively be sold on Amazon for $49.99 excluding tax. The box includes the toy, the remote, the aforementioned ramp, a USB charging cable, a poster of Fotheringham, and several stickers.

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