For the 10th and final week in our Method Wheels “How To Drive A Trick Truck” series, our teacher Justin Lofton shares his secrets on how to win. No, not what to do behind the wheel but rather what to do once you cross the finish line in first place.

Lofton’s familiar tongue-in-cheek persona comes across in spades in this final lesson, covering everything from hats to trophies to how make friends in the media by wrecking their camera equipment with champagne. Overall, the final fun-filled installment of his informative series offers viewers a last taste of one of off-road racing’s most talented drivers.

If you’ve followed along in all 10 episodes, there is likely no question that you’ll be rooting for Loft on and his No. 41 Fox Shox/Yokohama/Method Wheels unlimited truck tomorrow (Saturday) as he attempts to use his proven techniques in trying to win the BFGoodrich SCORE Baja 500.

Watch the latest episode below, or click here to watch on YouTube.

To catch up on the whole series, click here.

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