The NTT IndyCar Series and the W Series have opened dialogue on how the organizations might work together in the future.

With Roger Penske’s new Race For Equality & Change diversity program in motion on the Road to Indy, and the W Series preparing for its second season with a field dedicated to the advancement of women racers now supporting Formula 1, the open-wheel racing companies find themselves in pursuit of similar goals. The concept of working together to involve the W Series in the RE&C’s advancement initiatives; looking to the W Series to set its finer drivers on the path towards IndyCar; and other collaborations all are on the table.

“All of those options are open,” Penske Corporation president Bud Denker told RACER. “I talked to Catherine Bond Muir, the CEO of the W Series (last week), and there’s a strong desire either for them to have a U.S.-based team involvement — because they’re looking at more of a franchise model in the future — or to be a form of a ladder series to the IndyCar Series. All topics are open for us to discuss.”

With the return of Indy Lights and the debut of the RE&C’s Force Indy USF2000 team already set for 2021, Denker says an alliance with the W Series would take time to explore and possibly solidify.

“We’ve had two very good conversations, and their goal is to do something in 2022,” he added. “Can that be met? Don’t know. I told them very clearly that we’ve got a lot on our plate between now and 2022, but we’ll keep our options open.

“On our side, we’ll have more to talk about here on the female front in the near future as well.”