Infiniti sees a bright future for the luxury sedan

One of the four new models that Infiniti will release in the coming years is an electric sedan previewed by the Vision Qe concept. Investing in a body style that many of the brand’s peers and rivals are pivoting away from might sound odd, but executives at Infiniti still see a demand for sedans.

“For the U.S. market, the sedan segment is still a very relevant segment. We have a ton of history, and heritage, and hugely passionate fans. So with that kind of passion, we’re always getting asks for that kind of piece,” Bob Welby, Infiniti’s senior director of operations, told


The publication cited older, Nissan Z-derived sedans like the G35 and the G37 as models that could inspire Infiniti as it brings its first electric sedan to the market. These cars were aimed squarely at European sport sedans

like the BMW 3 Series, and they put a much bigger focus on performance than on comfort while remaining pegged on the luxury side of the spectrum. They enjoy a relatively loyal following in 2023.

Later known as the Q40, the G37 retired at the end of the 2015 model year and passed the torch to the Q50, which remains in production today but has nearly reached the end of its life cycle. When it retires, it will leave the Nissan-owned brand without a sedan in its range for the first time since its inception: The bigger Q70

retired at the end of the 2019 model year and the full-size Q45 was axed after 2006.

In contrast, the current Infiniti lineup includes four SUVs. This focus on high-riding models won’t change, even if the sedan sticks around.

“SUVs have become another emerging strength of ours over the past decade,” Welby said. “That’s absolutely going to be part of our story.”

The next-generation QX80 is notably around the corner. Infiniti previewed it with a close-to-production concept called QX Monograph.