Ioniq 5 teases its airy new interior ahead of full reveal

The Ioniq 5 is going to be revealed on February 23, but before then, we get this teaser. It’s a photo and quick video showing the Ioniq 5’s interior. Hyundai reveals a few things about the car to us, as well.

Ioniq (Hyundai’s new pure-EV brand) stresses the openness of the cabin. Since it’s built on a dedicated electric car platform — Hyundai’s E-GMP platform — the Ioniq 5 can have a flat floor and more interior space than a traditional combustion engine vehicle. Apparently, you can enter and exit the cabin on either side and simply slide over to whichever side you want. The flat floor and sliding center console allow this easy access. Ioniq calls this center console the “Universal Island,” and says it’s a “fundamental rethink of the conventional center console.” We’ll be interested to see it all in action.

Ioniq has a mini comfort addition to traditional front seats, too. There are leg rests for the driver and passenger seats that can be put up (video below) while the vehicle is being charged, so you can relax and recline while the juice flows in. 

The seats themselves are made using sustainable materials, too. Hyundai says it’s using “eco-processed leather” that is dyed and then treated with plant oil extractions from flaxseed. Sugar cane bio components, wool, poly yarns and recycled plastic water bottles are the sources for other interior materials — Hyundai doesn’t specify which, but says “other soft furnishings” use these materials. The hard materials like the dashboard, switches, steering wheel and door panels are coated in a polyurethane bio paint that is composed of oils from flowers and corn.

There will be a virtual world premiere happening in just a week’s time, so circle back to see what the full production car and interior looks like next Tuesday.

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