‘Judge Dredd’ movie truck could be your ride for the dystopian future

While there are many vehicles that adopt a dystopian future aesthetic, few have actually been a part of the media that has helped shape our idea of such a world. One of those few could be in your garage: this movie vehicle

from the 1995 film “Judge Dredd.”

According to Road & Track, 31 of these were built for the movie. You’ll first spot them at the start of the movie when Rob Schneider’s character Fergie arrives in Mega-City One. They’re painted up in a variety of liveries for multi-purpose use, and they have a suitably techno-militaristic design for the post-apocalyptic setting.

Despite the look, the truck is extremely basic. The whole body is a giant fiberglass shell plopped onto a Land Rover 101 Forward Control military truck. The trucks were built in the 1970s and featured a Rover 3.5-liter V8, full-time four-wheel drive with a two-speed transfer case,

and solid front and rear axles. Output was only 120 h orsepower, and a little more than 2,600 in total were built

This particular prop truck has seen better days, including its time in 2003 when it was reportedly a show truck for audio company JBL. You can see the remnants of its show car days in the molded speaker housings inside the truck, as well as the flashy, more aerodynamic circular headlights that replaced the clusters of lights from the movie specification. The body is bare inside and out save for a coat of primer on the outside and the aforementioned headlights. There don’t even appear to be gauges installed, plus it lacks a title. But the seller does say it runs and drives, and its bare condition means it could be the perfect canvas for your not-so-armored personnel carrier of the future. The seller is asking $25,000 or best offer, so you’d better be ready with a decent chunk of cash, or you may be asked to take The Long Walk.

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