Kawasaki Teases Electric Model Expected To Be The Elektrode Balance Bike

Kawasaki Elektrode teaser

Kawasaki has dropped teasers for its first electric two-wheeler, with an announcement date of June 7. The 15-second teasers released on social media channels show images of a young rider and a dirt course, ending with the tag line: “The Good Times are electric.”

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The two-wheeler will be part of a larger launch event that will include several side-by-sides and ATVs, some of which may also be electric. Last October, Kawasaki announced plans to release 10 electric or hybrid motorcycles by 2035 plus five four-wheelers by 2025. The June 7 announcement may be the beginning of Team Green’s electric push.

The teaser doesn’t reveal much, with the only glimpse of the new bike appearing in the reflection of the rider’s goggles. All we can tell is that it will be green and white, which isn’t exactly surprising news from Kawasaki.

Fortunately, we’ve been able to uncover some more clues that suggest the mystery bike will be an electric balance bike called the “Elektrode.” Just before Christmas last year, Kawasaki filed trademark applications for the Elektrode name in multiple markets including the U.S. The trademark’s list of goods and services include various electric and hybrid two-wheeled vehicles, but from the name alone, we can assume it won’t be used for a hybrid.

We won’t have too much longer to wait, as June 7 is only a few weeks away.

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