Mahindra Racing has become the first team and manufacturer to commit to the Gen3 era of Formula E, which starts with the 2022/2023 season.

Gen3 will mark the introduction of lighter, more powerful cars, fast-charging capabilities and new cost control measures. The car will have a four-year cycle, and several key components have already been confirmed by the FIA. Spark Racing Technology will continue to produce a spec chassis for all teams, including the front powertrain kit, Williams Advanced Engineering will create the battery system, which will allow for faster charging, and Hankook Tire and Technology will provide all-weather tires for the series.

The power driving the Gen3 FE car will go up to 350kW in qualifying and 300kW in the races (currently 250kW and 220kW respectively for Gen2), with maximum regenerative braking power between front and rear to 600kW, compared with current max rear regen of 250kW.

“Formula E represents the cutting edge of EV technology and plays a strategic role in realizing Mahindra’s vision of the Future of Mobility through our ‘Race to Road’ strategy,” said Dr. Pawan Goenka, Managing Director and CEO, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and Chairman, Mahindra Racing.

“Our commitment to the Formula E Gen3 era attunes to our focus to play a strong role in the entire electric ecosystem, while we also aim to be among the most prominent manufacturers of EVs in India. We are confident that Mahindra Racing’s work on and off track with the Gen3 car will resonate and provide thrilling experiences to fans and consumers alike.”

One of FE’s founding teams, Mahindra has amassed four E-Prix victories, 18 podiums, and 690 championship points.

“We see Mahindra Group as a key player in the future of mass-market electric vehicles,” said Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle. “It’s a testament to the shared purpose of Formula E and its partners that we have one of our founding teams, Mahindra Racing, already committing to Gen3 in anticipation of the 2022/23 season. Gen3 brings with it an unparalleled opportunity for innovation from a sporting perspective on the track and technological advancement on our roads. We’re thrilled to have Mahindra Racing joining us on that journey.”