Dear RACER Nation,

Back in May of 2019, we launched a GoFundMe page to help cover medical expenses for Marshall Pruett’s wife Shabral, who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. The response was overwhelming, and made a very real difference to Marshall and Shabral during an exceptionally difficult time.

A couple of weeks ago, we shared the unhappy news that Shabral’s cancer had returned, and launched a new round of fundraising. Again, the response has been immense, and Marshall would like to send a message to those who have lent their support:

Shabral and I want to thank you for your kindness and generosity. It has been a rough couple of weeks after learning her breast cancer returned, but we’ve regrouped and have been as productive as possible since the diagnosis.  

We’ve kept busy while meeting with new doctors and healthcare providers and like where we’re heading in her renewed fight. That new chemotherapy journey begins next week. It will shape the rest of 2021 and beyond in ways that only the future can reveal, and we’re in a perpetual state of appreciation for your warm notes of encouragement and support.

– Marshall Pruett

The GoFundMe campaign remains open. Please click here to learn more. And on behalf of everyone at RACER, thank you.