Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV review, Tesla CCS adapter, Nikola Badger postmortem: Today’s Car News

Tesla models in the U.S. and Canada can fast-charge at a wider range of stations. The Nikola Badger hydrogen fuel-cell pickup would have essentially been a GM product, according to testimony. And how well does the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid rival the Toyota RAV4 Prime? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Tesla has released a $250 CCS adapter for North America that allows newer Tesla models to fast-charge at up to 250 kw on networks like Electrify America, EVgo, and others. 

In a first drive review of the 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid

, we found that its much-improved electric range and stronger electric motors make it perkier and more electric for far more miles than before—38 miles all-electric now, and a close rival to the Toyota RAV4 Prime. 

And according to testimony last week from a GM engineer, the much-hyped Nikola Badger hydrogen fuel-cell pickup would have contained almost no Nikola parts. That runs counter to what Nikola’s then-CEO Trevor Milton had suggested at the time.


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