MO Tested: Rok Straps Review

Rok Straps Review

If you’re like me, you’ve been aware of what Rok Straps are and can think of a place or two that you might be able to use . However, unless you’ve actually tried them out, you have no idea how flexible and useful they are. I discovered that utility just this weekend. For those who are unfamiliar with Rok Straps, they are a genius combination of polyester braided webbing and a flat bungee-like elastic cord that are hooked together with an easy-to-use clip. What makes them so practical is that you can easily adjust their length by cinching down the nylon strap and letting the elastic maintain the pressure on what you’re trying to hold on your bike. 

We’re all familiar with bungee cords and nets for securing cargo to motorcycles, and consequently, we have all experienced the challenge of creating enough tension to keep the cargo from shifting. As such, most of us own bungees of different lengths to achieve this. Unfortunately, many of us have found ourselves needing a different length of bungee than what was on hand, requiring, if you were lucky, intricate wraps of the cord to shorten its length. If you needed a longer one, typically we were SOL. 

Rok Straps

Rok Strap’s secret sauce is the ability to cinch down on the strap and control the tension put on the cargo by the shock cord section.

Rok Straps combine either a 5/8-in. or 1-in. webbed strap that can be adjusted in length from 12-42 in. or 18-60 in., respectively, with a flat shock cord. This arrangement allows the user to fine tune the tension used to secure cargo to a motorcycle. The straps have webbing loops on either end to wrap around mounting points on the bike thus avoiding the risk of paint damage that the metal hooks frequently seen on bungees can cause. On bikes without points to hook the webbing loops, the Rok Straps can be hooked to themselves, turning them into a single strap that can be wrapped completely around the cargo items. Between the two sections of the Rok Strap, a quick-release buckle joins the two. Once the clips are closed, the polyester webbing can be cinched down via a UV- and crack-resistant buckle. In a nice touch, some Rok Straps have reflective thread in the elastic section for additional conspicuity. 

The mounting loops can affix the straps to a variety of locations. Here D-rings and a luggage rack are shown.

It is almost impossible to overestimate the flexibility this construction facilitates. In fact, when preparing for a recent weekend tour, I discovered how useful the straps were and rush ordered a second set to make sure I had them before my departure. They have now earned a permanent place in my tank bag or backpack when I am out and about. If you have not tried Rok Straps, I highly recommend you do so. Consider it $18-$29 well spent for a package of two Rok Straps..

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Linking the strap loops together creates a single strap that can be wrapped around cargo.


Are bungee cords safe?

We have been using bungees for so long that we take them for granted, but this is a risky proposition. Old bungie cords, particularly ones made of bare rubber, get brittle when old and can break, whipping back into the person attempting to attach them. Additionally, the metal hooks affixed to the ends of many bungees have caused may injuries, including eye damage, when they slip out of the user’s hands under a load.

Do they make adjustable bungee cords?

Yes, adjustable bungee cords are available, but many tend to have the same dangers listed above. Ron Straps were created to address both the need for adjustability and safety.

Are bungee cords good for long-term s torage?

Because of their elastic construction, most bungees are recommended for temporary use only. If the storage is outside in direct sun, this sort-term status is accelerated because ultraviolet radiation in sunlight damages both the nylon covers and the elasticity of traditional bungees.

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