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sw motech sysbag

SW Motech has released its latest iteration of the Sysbag lineup, which is now 100% waterproof and has a host of new features and updated styling. Despite the bag’s somewhat adventure-focused look and design, we opted to test the medium Sysbag with the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE. With the Scrambler, SW Motech offers only a single-sided setup due to the bike’s high scrambler-style pipes. To make up for the single sided setup, SW Motech also sent us its magnetic Daypack PRO tankbag.

As I already mentioned, the new design is fully waterproof featuring a roll-top drybag-style design with a TPU base and EVA parts that are thermo-welded to ensure water tightness. The roll-top itself is made from 210 Ripstop TPU. Inside the bag is a light gray (which helps ensure you don’t lose things in the abyss) liner with handles that can be easily pulled out to carry items away from the bike. This liner also comes with Velcro partitions to give the user the option to segment the liner’s interior if necessary. The overlapping lid has a waterproof zippered pocket on the underside as well. MOLLE style webbing is included on the front which will allow you to strap whatever other tacticool stuff you might have lying around the bunker to your new Sysbag. 


Installation took about 30 minutes and was completely straightforward. There are detailed instructions for each portion of the install (the side rack, and adapter plate in my case) but they’re hardly even needed. The rack mounts up easily to the Triumph’s subframe and rear rack with two provided bolts (which replace the OE ones). 

The bobbins needed to be screwed into the rack, and to be sure they stayed that way, a touch of blue threadlocker was used.

One of the standout features of the Sysbag system is that the bags can be attached to existing luggage racks or can be used with the SW Motech racks. When combined with the SW Motech racks and adapter plate, the bags offer a quick-release removal system that is super easy to use. 

Since I was using the SW Motech racks, I opted for the adapter plate. After installing the quick release connector (6 bolts and nuts) to the adapter plate, fastening the plate to the back side of the Sysbag itself was a cinch with the six webbing straps. This is something you should only need to do once thanks to the quick release. Snap the bag onto the three mounting bobbins and you’re G2G. 

In Practice

Because I opted for the Scrambler 1200 XE for this review, my perspective is going to come from an everyday errand running and commuting type experience rather than touring. I also can’t vouch for the waterproofness because we haven’t had too much precipitation in Southern California lately. Sewry.

I appreciated how small the mounting rack was for the M Sysbag on the Scrambler 1200. It’s barely even noticeable, and you get a lil’ bonus oil reservoir protection for the shock.

My favorite feature of the SW Motech Sysbag has to be how easy it is to carry things away from the bike. Whether you’re using the quick-release to pull the entire bag off or just pulling the liner out with your items in it, it’s really just effortless and because of its size (the bag weighs TK lbs with the adapter plate installed). Either way you decide to bring your groceries or office supplies or whatever inside, it’s really easy. 

The red eyelets throughout the Sysbag are for attaching a cable lock to better secure your stuff. Also, reflective material is used at the sides and front of the bage for better low light visibility.

The Sysbag can be opened and then unrolled with one hand if you’ve got the other one full, which is nice, but it’s not super easy to keep the roll top spread open to toss larger items inside. I found myself using the zippered pocket on the underside of the top flap to stow things like my keys and wallet, or whatever I might want quicker access to. 

The outer portion of the bag has a molded, laminated EVA exterior which allows the bag to keep its shape regardless if it’s loaded down or not.

My only gripe with the bag came when running multiple errands around town. A roll-top design is nice for waterproofing, but it makes getting in and out of the bag quickly more of a task than I would like when trying to get from A to B to C to D (and back to B because I forgot something) quickly. Commuting to work, the roll top isn’t a problem. You get to the office, unpack your 16-inch Macbook Pro (which fits with an inch or so on each side to spare), your thermos and lunch, slave away for eight hours or more and repeat before heading home. Touring likely isn’t an issue either if you’ve got things stowed that you don’t need continuous access to – less of an issue still when you have a handy Daypack PRO tank bag. But around town, constantly getting in and out of the bag, I’d rather not have a roll top. It takes extra time, if you don’t get all of the air out it’s more bulky than it needs to be, and just gets tiresome after opening and closing the thing four or five times while scurrying about town. 

Even when fully loaded down the bag hasn’t shown any signs of sagging. Yes, this much stuff fits, but just barely.

With my whiny SoCal-based grievances aside (who needs waterproofing where it never rains anyway), I would recommend the Sysbag system. Even with the Scrambler’s more short hop setup, I found myself looking for reasons to use the motorcycle for grocery runs more than usual. What’s that?! A sale on La Croix?! The medium Sysbag can handle 16 12-ounce cans of your favorite beverage, 33.8 ounces of organic coconut water, a six ounce tin of sweet thai chile almonds, and 21 ounces of electrolytes (just in case those 16 cans were of the adult variety of beverage).

If you’re on the hunt for some quality soft luggage that looks as good as it works, check out the latest Sysbags from SW Motech. 

Spec table:

Volume: 17- 23 l

Dimensions: 12.8 x 6.5 x 16.1 in

Weight: 1.9 kg / 4.2 lb (without adapter plate)

Price: $249.95


Where is SW Motech made?

All SW Motech products are developed and designed in Germany. The medium Sysbag reviewed above is manufactured in China. 

What is SW Motech’s warranty policy?

From SW Motech USA: “The 2-year warranty is valid for our products that are bought directly by end-customers from SW-MOTECH USA. When purchasing through one of our authorized dealers, the standard 2-year warranty also applies. Warranty claims will be honored for products under normal usage and in the event of material or manufacturing defects. This applies, for example, to loosened seams, torn handles or broken welds.”

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