Best of 2022 Best motorcycles of 2022’s Best Of (MOBO) award season is finally here again! As has been our recent tradition, we use the MOBOs to begin our December wrap-up of the 2022 model year before we jump into the new model introduction season. Although EICMA was only a couple of weeks ago, and the bulk of the 2022 motorcycle models have been announced, the 2022 model year isn’t officially over until we wrap up our awards!

Once again, the staff gathered over multiple video conferences to work our way through the bounty of motorcycles that we were privileged to test during the model year. Remarkably, there were fewer disagreements over nominees than there have been in previous years. We still had a few disputes to settle, but in the end, our choices were unanimous.

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This year, in a break from the MO tradition of more-is-more comparisons, we devoted much of our testing to two-bike shootouts as part of our Showdowns video series;all while testing individual bikes and attending new model introductions. As always, we attempt to bring our beloved MO

rons the most varied motorcycle content available. Our testing year started with an adventure-touring shootout and ended with a sport-touring one. In between, we looked at everything from EV scooters to the hardest-nosed sportbikes to everything in between.

Our requirements for MOBO eligibility are pretty straightforward: MO must have tested the bike during the model year, and the bike must be available to the public at the time of publication. Naturally, that leaves a couple of strong contenders for next year, already. Case-in-point? The anticipated Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello S and the Energica Experia, which will arrive in showrooms early next year.

We’re starting on Monday, November 28, with the MOBO for Best Electric Motorcycle, followed on Tuesday with the Best Lightweight. Every weekday thereafter, we’ll unveil a new winner plus the runner-up. The celebration will come to a conclusion on December 9th with the announcement of the 2022 Motorcycle of the Year.

Go ahead, throw another log on the fire and settle in for one of our holiday season favorite activities. Best of 2022 Categories

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