Hendrick Motorsports and NASCAR officials confirmed longtime Cup Series spotter Eddie D’Hondt has been reinstated and will return to the team for this weekend’s race at Nashville Superspeedway.

D’H ondt, who serves as spotter of the No. 9 Chevrolet driven by reigning Cup Series champion Chase Elliott, was suspended on May 26 after being arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault charges


However, the charges were dismissed on Friday.

“The State cannot prove the above charges beyond a reasonable doubt as there is insufficient evidence to warrant prosecution,” read the dismissal. “Conflicting statements were made by the witnesses and dispositive evidence was never provided by the district attorney’s office.”

Following that, NASCAR confirmed D’Hondt’s reinstatement, restoring his member services effective immediately. In turn, Hendrick Motorsports followed by saying, “We are pleased about the resolution of this matter and look forward to Eddie D’Hondt re-joining our team this weekend at Nashville Superspeedway.”

In a statement, D’Hondt said: “Mr. D’Hondt is very pleased with today’s announcement of dismissal. He is grateful that based on the diligent efforts of his defense team the District Attorney was able to process this case and ultimately decide it had no merit and the charges levied against him were totally unfounded. Mr. D’Hondt would like to personally thank all the people who have shown him and his family a tremendous amount of support and love. He is glad that justice has won the day and will consider any and all available legal remedies against his accuser. Mr. D’Hondt looks forward to resuming his lengthy career as one of the top spotters in NASCAR.”