Christian Bogle’s launch into the fencing during last weekend’s Road America Indy Lights race has left the leadership of the Wisconsin road course with questions as to whether the curbing on entry to Turn 5 that send Bogle skyward should be modified prevent a recurrence in the future. Indy Pro 2000 driver Lindsay Brewer experienced an identical launch off of the first curb on the right of Turn 5 the day before, but she was fortunate to leave the tarm ac at a lower trajectory that kept her car below the fencing.

Bogle, from California, was uninjured, but extensive damage was done to the poles and fencing (pictured above)

. The solo incident also destroyed his No. 7 HMD Motorsports with Dale Coyne Racing Dallara IL15 chassis. Brewer was more fortunate as the Colorado native returned to race in the second event of the weekend with Exclusive Autosport.

Although no determinations have been made on if or what might be changed at Turn 5, a track spokesperson told RACER it’s currently under discussion, noting that “Road America is in the process of conducting a full review which is standard protocol for all incidents.”