Myatt Snider experienced two unwanted firsts Saturday night at Daytona International Speedway with his crash on the last lap of the Xfinity Series race.

The first thing was that Snider had previously only “kind of sort of” flipped in a race car before.

“Never a full-on flip like that,” Snider said after being treated for a sore left foot in the infield care center. “I’ve never actually flipped in a race car. That’s kind of wild to think. Huh. Great place to do it at Daytona.”

The second thing is the impact was the hardest hit Snider’s experienced in racing.

“I had one hard hit in an ARCA race at Kansas before, but that was child’s play compared to this,” he said. “I just saw sparks and crap flying everywhere. It was quite the adventure.”

Snider was in the lead pack and running the inside lane as the field charged down the backstretch toward Turn 3. Pushed from behind by Anthony Alfredo, Snider felt his car start to go right and into the two lanes of oncoming traffic. When hit by Jeb Burton and then Jade Buford, who was in the far outside lane, Snider’s car lifted off the ground, flipped over and during its time airborne, went into the catch fence.


“It was violent,” Snider said.

Upon landing, the car spun multiple times before coming to a stop in the grass. So too did the engine, which came out of the car when the fence skewered it.

“I noticed the whole car was basically in shambles,” said Snider. “I’m surprised there was more race car left. I looked forward when I got out of the car, and I see the motor’s gone. It looked like the fuel cell was almost gone. There w as not much left of that race car. Yard sale.”


Snider immediately climbed from his Jordan Anderson Racing Chevrolet and had a limp when arriving at the care center. After seeing how his foot feels Sunday, Snider said he’ll evaluate his next steps but said he believes he’ll be ready to race again next week.

“It’s the last lap and everybody’s trying their best to push as hard as possible — I’m trying to keep as much momentum as I can get,” Snider said. “I felt a push, and I started to feel the car go right, and I’m like, ‘Crap, I might be along for a ride here.’ Sure enough, I was. I got turned around to the side, and then I was facing backward and I started seeing the racetrack, and I’m like, ‘Hmm, this is getting better as it goes.’ And I think what happened was the left rear started yawing toward the fence, and then the fence caught it, and that’s what really started tearing everything up. Then I got drug into the grass from what I could tell.

“I’m extremely blessed to be as OK as I am and glad that Jordan Anderson Racing built such a safe race car. Man, I really wanted to get a top-five finish. We were so close. I felt like we were in contention all day. That’s just the nature of the beast of racing.”

NASCAR officials and Daytona tracks officials will work late Saturday to repair the fence where Snider’s impact was. Not only did a piece of Snider’s car get left hanging behind, but parts of the fence were ripped open.