Some Ford dealers are offering $10,000 discounts on the last remaining Fusions

Ford ended production of the Fusion, the last sedan in its American lineup, in August 2020, but there are still over 11,000 examples lingering on dealer lots across the nation. Its stores are offering big incentives in order to clear out the remaining inventory before the end of the year, and buyers aren’t always taking advantage of them.

Dealers are making zero-percent financing for up to 84 months available on all remaining variants of the 2020 Fusion

, ranging from the base model to the plug-in hybrid
Energi model. Alternatively, website CarsDirect points out buyers who aren’t interested in zero-interest financing can claim up to $5,000 in rebates if they’re trading in a car. Many stores are putting additional cash on the hood, too, which makes the Fusion a fantastic year-end deal.

Nearly every new Fusion listed for sale on is priced well below MSRP. For example, there is a 2020 Titanium model with an MSRP of $35,840 advertised at $25,998

in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you don’t need the extra equipment, a store in Oklahoma City posted a 2020 Fusion S at $15,995 instead of $24,365. Discounts of $10,000 or more are not uncommon, though some dealers aren’t cutting that deep so it’s wise to shop around.

Not all buyers are taking advantage of the deals. Data provided by TrueCar reveals the average transaction price on a Fusion during the first week of December was $28,151, which is relatively high. If you want one, remember that most dealers are highly motivated to clear Fusions out of their inventory to make space for other models, including the Bronco Sport (which is starting to reach stores nationwide) and, looking ahead, the full-size Bronco


What’s next?

Ford made its intention to step out of America’s sedan segment crystal clear, so there’s no reason to expect a next-generation Fusion sedan in the U.S. However, our spy photographers spotted a Fusion-sized wagon on stilts

testing near the Blue Oval’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. While nothing is official, it looks like Ford will fill the Fusion-sized gap in its range with an all-wheel-drive people-hauler aimed at the Subaru Outback
. We could see it in the metal during the first half of 2021. Elsewhere in the world, the Mondeo (the Fusion’s global twin) remains on sale.