The Trans Am by Pirelli 2020 Season Awards show airs live today. Stream it via the Trans Am App (click here

to download), the Trans Am Facebook page or YouTube channel (embedded below). The schedule is as follows:

The 2020 year-in-review show previously aired on CBS Sports Network starts at 1:58 p.m. ET:
(#1: XGT/SGT/GT)
(#2: TA2)
(#3: Trans Am class)

The Honors Program begins at 4:00 p.m. and is hosted by Jonathan Green and Ben Cissell. The photography of Chris Clark and video work from Greenlight USA will be featured throughout the 90 minute show.

The winners of Trans Am’s  first-ever Fan Votes will also be revealed:
• Best Looking Race Car
• Favorite Esports Venue
• Best Looking Driver Helmet
• Best Cool Shirt Cool Move of the Race
• Favorite Trans Am Driver

The top performers from the Trans Esports Championship, West Coast Championship and National Championship will also be honored.