It took years for a team driving a Radical sports racer to win the 25 Hours of Thunderhill Presented by Hawk Performance. The first time that happened was in 2019, and since there was no 25 Hour in 2020, the 2021 event marks the second consecutive time a team running a Radical SR3 has won the grueling 25-hour event.

Team One Motorsports 2 had the lead several times during the event, trading off with Team Crowdstrike/Mosaic Motorsports, which had the lead late in the race and looked poised to win until a broken tripod joint in a rear half-shaft sidelined them for repairs.

Team One Motorsports 2 retook the lead and held it till the end, winning by six laps over the Crowdstrike/Mosaic Motorsports team. It’s the first overall victory for Jeff Shafer at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill Presented by Hawk Performance. His car has won the ESR class before in 2018 but not the overall race.

“I’m really excited to win the 25 Hours. It’s something I’ve never done,” said Shafer, standing next to car parked in front of Thunderhill Raceway building. “It’s the perfect way to end the weekend.”

When Crowdstrike lost a rear axle with about 30 minutes left in the race, Shafer knew he could breathe easy.

“It was an exciting race, it almost went down to the wire,” Shafer said.

Because the race ran late, Speed News will be providing full coverage at a later date. Until then, here are the podium finishers from the 2021 25 Hours of Thunderhill Presented by Hawk Performance.

ESR: 1st – Team One Motorsports 2; 2nd – Crowdstrike/Mosaic Motorsports; 3rd – TVI Racing

ES: 1st – Lowe Group Racing; 2nd – Three Thieves Racing; 3rd – Stratus Racing

E0: 1st – Spoon Sports; 2nd – DIG Motorsports; 3rd – STEYN Motorsports

E1: 1st – Funduro Racing; 2nd – Tazio Ottis Racing; 3rd – Honda Racing THRW 1

E2: 1st – MooreWood Creative White; 2nd – MoreWood Creative Black; 3rd – Legacy Motorworks

E3: 1st – Silver Fern Racing; 2nd – Hugo Parker LLP Racing; 3rd – Heyer Performance

E3S: 1st – Pink BMW with 3 Fast Drivers and a Porsche Driver
; 2nd – Black Swan Search; 3rd – Lesher Motorsports

EM: 1st – Entropy Racing EVSR