This wheelchair-sharing system lets users maneuver around the city with ease

Wheelchair mobility has advanced tremendously in recent years, from wheelchairs that let users venture off-road into the wilderness, to chairs that are right at home on a sandy beach. The Italian engineering company Italdesign intends to push the mobility boundaries even further with its introduction of the WheeM-i wheelchair-sharing system.

WheeM-i is a fully electric wheelchair mobility service for wheelchair users. WheeM-i stands for Wheelchair Mobility Inclusion. Wheelchair users book the mobility system through an app. Once scheduled, the user would approach the WheeM-i hub and activate their booked wheelchair. The fully electric system would then lower its body down and release a ramp for the wheelchair user to “wheel on.”

After the user has completed their tasks around the city, they return the chair back to the nearest WheeM-i hub to be charged for the next user. Aside from being fully electric, WheeM-i is also equipped with an onboard collision avoidance system to help its rider get to their location safely. To learn more about WheeM-i head over to


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