Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial doesn’t have anything to do with cars

While General Motors is touting its EV strategy and starting a feud with Norway, Toyota is taking a very different tack for its Super Bowl ad. It actually doesn’t talk about cars at all, instead telling a short story about a Paralympic athlete.

The commercial focuses on Jessica Long and her life. She was born in Russia with a condition that led to her legs being amputated. Not only that, but she was an orphan. She found a home with her adopted parents in the U.S., and as a kid started swimming. All of this is portrayed in background vignettes while present-day Long swims past them. The one part that doesn’t get shown is the fact th at Long has been to the Paralympics four times and earned 23 medals, the second most medals of any American Paralympian.

At the very end of the ad is a simple note that Toyota is a sponsor of the American Paralympic team and a general message of hope. Toyota will also have a short PSA spot during the game encouraging people to wear masks and take precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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