Volvo P1800 restomod by Cyan Racing is coming to the U.S.

Cyan’s Racing’s heavily modded Volvo P1800 will soon be making its North American debut, and it’ll be available to purchase in America. Based on the sleek 1961-72 coupe that just might be the sexiest car Volvo ever made, it’s been transformed by the wizards at the race engineering firm previously known as Polestar

into a 420-horse tire-shredder.

We’ve waxed on about the Cyan P1800 before, admiring its lighter-than-a-Miata

curb weight thanks to carbon fiber body panels, while marveling at its beautifully minimalist turbo 2.0-liter Volvo four
. The driving experience is meant to be truly analog, from the manual gearbox to the lack of ABS and traction control. The entire suspension was redesigned and even its profile isn’t quite identical to the original P1800 — the greenhouse, for example, has been repositioned.

Best of all, its metamorphosis from antique to hot rod was performed not by some fly-by-night operation, but by an actual race shop, the one that turned the Volvo 850 into a Super Touring race car. The Polestar firm was so successful, Volvo actually bought them out, subsequently turning the brand into its performance EV subsidiary.

Cyan Racing says the only things that remain from the original P1800 is the steel frame, hood release, handbrake, and windshield wipers. Everything else, including the glass, was manufactured uniquely for this car. 

A year ago, Cyan said that the entry price for this unique combination of classic design and race-inspired performance was $500,000

. When it becomes available stateside, however, the starting price will be, according to Cyan, “around $700,000”.

With that eye-watering price, customers get to personalize each P1800 to their liking. Cyan says the car was engineered so that it could be “tailored into anything from a lightweight, high-performance cafe racer to a grand tourer.”

The Cyan Volvo P1800 will make its North American debut at The Quail during Monterey Car Week.