Although classic V8 muscle cars race at VSCDA’s annual Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival, they don’t frequently compete at the club’s other events on the shorter tracks at Blackhawk, Gingerman and Grattan. Thanks to member Brian Garcia, that will change in 2021.

“Brian, who races the gorgeous 1967 Barracuda and a Cheetah, first began encouraging others with V8s to join him and a small core group to race at Blackhawk,” said VSCDA president Alex Rorke. “This eventually became so successful that event chairs Jeff Porasik and Ron Soave agreed they should race as their own separate group. Brian has taken the initiative to create a season-long V8 series for VSCDA.”

“In the day, big-bore cars were a major part of racing at tracks like our smaller ones, as well as Road America-type facilities,” Garcia said. “We have had great fun racing at Blackhawk and I wanted to find a way to bring that experience to our other events. So, with the support of VSCDA’s event chairs, we will have a V8 Series this year.”