Watch Kia reveal multiple new EVs in a CES livestream here at 6 tonight

Kia says it’s going to reveal its Platform Beyond Vehicle (PBV) concept at CES, and you can watch the livestream of it right here this evening starting at 6 p.m. ET.

In total, we’re expecting to see five electric concept models in the PBV lineup revealed today. Mass production of the PBV lineup is already slated to begin in 2025, which means this CES reveal will have some real meat to it that pertains to products headed to public roads. That’s far from a given when it comes to CES concepts that may or may not ultimately be translated into production vehicles. As for the vehicles themselves, Kia says to expect “dedicated hardware such as Easy Swap and Dynamic Hybrid modularization technologies.” In simpler terms, these PBV models should be rather modular in design.

Alongside the cars, Kia says it will be launching its PBV business that will offer software solutions to owners of the PBV models for various businesses and lifestyles.

Make sure to tune in above to watch the whole presentation.