Woodward Dream Cruise Mega Gallery | Classics and American muscle

The 2022 running of the Woodward Dream Cruise just went down, and we were there from morning to evening drinking in the sweet sights and pre-emissions exhaust fumes. Yes, it’s a little smelly on Woodward Ave. this time of year.

Just like always, the Dream Cruise invites all comers to cruise their machines on Woodward from Ferndale, MI to Pontiac

, MI. Everybody is invited, but the original intent of the Dream Cruise was to highlight classic American muscle cars. You’ll see plenty of those in our mega gallery above, but we’ve sprinkled it with a bunch of other vehicle types, such as modern muscle and other intriguing American vehicles.

Similar to years past, though, sometimes the classics aren’t the most entertaining thing to look at on Woodward. That’s why we’ll have other mega galleries coming soon, highlighting the weird cars and (great) dogs of the Cruise, all the imports and exotics you can imagine and a special one for all the trucks

of Woodward — perhaps even more so than in years past, the truck population on Dream Cruise day was quite high.

Click through above to see all the classics you would’ve seen had you been roadside on the day of the cruise. And if you missed this year’s event, make sure you check out what happens next year. You won’t be alone, as it’s estimated that over 1 million people attend the Dream Cruise to either watch from the side of the road or to sit in the most glorious traffic jam in the world.

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