2023 Prius review, Accord Hybrid safety, Daimler charging network: Today’s Car News

The Honda Accord makes the top tier for safety. Daimler is re-upping its aim to establish a charging and hydrogen network for big trucks. Saab’s engineering braintrust continued to concoct new vehicles in an era of EVs. And we followed up with the latest Prius hybrid and found a lot to love as well as some gripes. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

In a review of the 2023 Toyota Prius, with some closer scrutiny paid in daily driving situations, we found the latest version of this hybrid icon to offer up jaw-dropping good looks and more driving inspiration— although the interface, ride comfort, and quiet altogether come out a little lacking. That, and you’ll be fielding a lot of questions about why this Prius isn’t electric. 

The 2023 Honda Accord Hybrid has earned a top safety distinction. With the entire Accord lineup, it’s been named a Top Safety Pick+ from the IIHS, thanks to improved side-impact protection in the new model and good performance of its front crash-prevention system night and day. It joins the Camry Hybrid, although the Sonata Hybrid doesn’t quite make the agency’s top tier. 

Daimler Trucks has announced a $650 million US charging and hydrogen network for big rigs. The venture, called Greenlane, was started in 2022, but the announcement to “forge ahead” with it appears to be timed with the Senate’s move last week to reverse tighter EPA heavy-duty truck pollution rules as California adopted its own tighter Advanced Clean Fleets rules. 

And a return of Saab is unlikely, with Polestar eyeing Saab’s old Trollhättan, Sweden, headquarters as a development center. Yet it seems that the spirit of the automaker was still alive—including some of its former engineers—within the failed NEVS. Perhaps as proof of that as IP is rumored to be for sale, the Emily GT electric car

prototype was recently revealed, and in showcasing in-wheel motors and nodding to the last 9-5, it embraces Saab heritage. 


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