2024 Ford Maverick order book opens in July

Ford Authority reports that Ford is going to open order books for the 2024 Maverick pickup on July 17. That would be the first time retail customers could order the hottest little hauler on the market since late last year; order books for the 2023 Maverick closed in late September of 2022. We should not expect a generous

order window this time around, either. The 2023 Maverick is anticipated to remain in production at Ford’s Hermosillo, Mexico plant until October of this year, not long before the 2024 trucks
start at the head of the lines. According to various posts at forums like Maverick Chat and Maverick Truck Club, though, it’s looking like plenty of customers for this model year are going to have to decide about rolling over to next.

Maverick hybrid production seems especially pinched, supply constraints tabbed as the cause. Ford’s going to add a third shift at Hermosillo in July and focus on hybrid builds, reportedly. A thread at Maverick Truck Club

mentioned a video claiming “the Maverick hybrids will move up to 50% of builds coming out of the factory starting July.” That’s good news for anyone waiting, bolstered by the extra production that current allocation figures don’t take into account. However, the update ends with the sad news that, “Even with the ramp up and 50% [production percentage], we are still looking at ~22,000 hybrid orders being left over.” As in, roughly 22,000 reservation holders won’t get a 2023 Maverick. Because Ford is still building dealer
inventory, the order holdup supposedly has some dealers calling their reservation holders and offering Mavericks on the lot for as much as $15,000 in markups.

Buyers rolled over to the new year could be looking at price increases as well. Since last September, the Maverick’s MSRP and destination charges have gone up $1,995, being $1,895 on the price and $100 on a destination fee that’s now $1,595. The latest sums:

  • XL: $24,190 
  • XLT: $26,450
  • Lariat: $29,950

Ford’s offered various programs for price protection before, yet, as some Bronco buyers are finding, Ford’s also made it impossible to take advantage of the multiple offers as claimed, leaving buyers with the option of paying more money than Ford said they would, or not taking delivery of their trucks

. The last time we wrote about Maverick order books, we said prices are rising but good look getting a truck. Same goes for 2024.

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