2025 Honda Pilot adds range-topping Black Edition, kills base LX

The current-generation Honda Pilot

sees its first significant update since being introduced two years ago, although it’s entirely within the realm of available trim levels. New to the family is the 2025 Honda Pilot
Black Edition, the new range-topping model that builds upon the loaded Elite trim level with gloss-black 20-inch wheels, a gloss-black grille bar and mirror housings, and additional non-gloss black trim in the bumpers, doors and windows. It also gets “Black Edition” badging because of course it does.

The interior is neon yellow. Just kidding, it’s black, but much like the last-generation Pilot Black Edition and other such trim levels in Honda’s midsize cros sover

lineup, it exclusively gets red stitching to break up all that black. Oh, and that Black Edition logo on the front seats and floor mats
. All this black will set you back $1,500 compared to the Elite.

2025 Honda Pilot pricing only inches up by a little more than $200 for each trim level, but the overall base price goes up by about $4,000 because the new base trim level is the Sport. The previous entry point, the LX, is dead. It’s traditionally not a big seller, and Honda did away with LX trims on other models a few years ago before resurrecting them again. We’ll see how long the Pilot LX stays in purgatory. 

Honda didn’t indicate any other changes for the 2025 Pilot. All prices below include the $1,395 destination charge, and a shout-out to Honda’s PR team for including pricing with that destination charge so I didn’t have to spend a bunch of time calculating that myself. And while we’re at it, thanks for sizing the Pilot Black Edition photos in the same 16×9 aspect ratio we use. Big help. 

Sport FWD: $41,295
Sport AWD: $43,395

EX-L FWD: $44,595
EX-L AWD: $46,695

Touring FWD: $48,595
Touring AWD: $50,695

TrailSport AWD: $50,495

Elite AWD: $54,175

Black Edition: $55,675