2025 Mini Cooper interior reveals minimalist retro design, massive circular screen

Mini just dropped a teaser for its 2025 Cooper, and it’s all about the new interior. And while Mini might be calling this a teaser, it’s essentially a full, visual reveal of the new Cooper’s insides.

The changes and updates are everywhere, as this new Mini shares practically nothing with the outgoing model

. Its new centerpiece is a massive, circular display that appears to be showing off new infotainment system software. All of your vital information is housed within this huge screen. We can see the gear selection, electric range, power meter, navigation hub and media player all in the middle and top half of the screen. On the bottom corners are temperature control dials, and in the bottom middle is a row of shortcut icons that will presumably pull up larger menus of those items. The traditional instrument cluster is gone, but Mini has integrated a pop-up glass HUD display in its place, so you’ll thankfully still have a lot of the important items right in front of your face.

Just below the center screen is what Mini calls the “toggle bar.” It houses switches and knobs for things like selecting a gear, turning the car on and off and the various drive modes. Quick toggles for the defrosters and the hazards sit here, too. Interestingly, the steering wheel has more buttons than the center console, and the steering wheel itself is a new design. You’ll notice the strap-like third bottom “spoke” of the wheel and the ultra-chunky top part of the wheel — Mini says it’s smaller in diameter than the current wheel, too.

Minimalism dominates the rest of the interior. The dashboard is simple with a basic upswept look, but it’s augmented with fancy lights and animations that play through the fabric. Mini designed a horizontal air vent that integrates beautifully with the new dash, too. As for the doors, the materials look upscale and the armrest looks comfortable.

We can’t see the whole center console, but a pair of USB Type-C charge ports are positioned up front with a wireless phone charger right there, too. A pair of cupholders sit aft of this, and there’s no BMW

iDrive knob to be seen. 

As you can see from the video (below) where the original Mini interior morphs into the new one, the designers’ inspiration for the 2025 model is fairly clear. Pare back, and bring the retro vibes in a digital way. We’ll need to wait for all the details concerning the rest of the new Mini Cooper

, but this sure does look like a promising start.

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