Aero-styled Aehra Sedan could challenge Porsche Taycan, Lucid Air

Italian startup Aehra on Friday unveiled its second model, an aero-styled sedan.

Unveiled at the 2023 Milan Motor Show, this EV, known simply as the Aehra sedan, follows the Aehra SUV unveiled last November. Aehra previously said the SUV would start production in 2025, with the Sedan following a year later, but now says both models will arrive in 2026.

Former Lamborghini design boss Filippo Perini, and now chief design officer of Aehra, oversaw design of both the SUV and Sedan. While no drag coefficient numbers were quoted, an Aehra press release said the Sedan incorporates active aerodynamic elements, and features carbon-fiber composite bodywork.

Aehra Sedan concept

Aehra Sedan concept

Aehra also quoted a 497-mile range, likely as measured on the European WLTP testing cycle. That means range may be a bit less if the Sedan comes to North America and is rated by the EPA.

Aehra claims to be developing its own platform and is working with Austria’s Miba Battery Systems on battery hardware tailored to it. The startup previously indicated that it plans to emphasize efficiency and battery repairability

over all-out performance.

The Aehra Sedan will compete against electric luxury sedans like the Lucid Air and Porsche Taycan. Both EVs do emphasize performance, but matched with dramatically different levels of efficiency. The Lucid Air manages to get up to 516 miles out of a charge of the 112-kwh battery pack. However Porsche has learned that it needs to get more range out of its battery pack in Taycan.

Aehra Sedan concept

Aehra Sedan concept

And the focus on aero isn’t exclusive to the premium brands. Volkswagen has followed such a design philosophy for its upcoming ID.7, claiming to have achieved a coefficient of drag of just 0.23.

Aehra plans a production rollout for “key markets” in 2026, including North America, Europe, China, and the Gulf States. But as Lucid and other EV startups have shown, getting cars to customers can be a big lift for a new company. So we’ll have to wait and see how things unfold.