Fernando Alonso says he will ensure there are “consequences” for those who start rumors relating to his future that call his loyalty into question.

A post on social media platform X by Spanish journalist Albert Fabrega referenced a rumor he had heard in the Mexico City Grand Prix paddock that he didn’t want to believe. Fabrega offered no further information or context, leading to various theories spreading rapidly among fans including speculation over the future of both Sergio Perez and Alonso.

From discussions with a variety of sources, RACER understands there is no validity to either topic — and is yet to learn of any credible rumor existing — with Alonso similarly frustrated by having his loyalty to Aston Martin inadvertently questioned.

“No, I mean, nothing to say,” Alonso said on the suggestion of joining Red Bull. “Just rumors — the normal paddock rumors — from people that just try to make fun of it and gain some followers and this kind of thing, but I’m not into that game.

“No, I’m not enjoying it. Because even in this room I appreciate that all of you are journalists and professional people that have been in Formula 1 for so many years and you gain your respect, and this is how it should be. All the rumors are coming from people that are not in this room — they’re just here to make fun, and I think it’s not funny when they play with anything.

“Of course, that’s the thing that they are making (destabilizing Aston Martin). But I will make sure that there are consequences.”

Alonso says too much is being made of Aston Martin’s recent struggles without viewing the progress over the past 12 months as a whole.

“Obviously we are not as competitive as we wanted — we all try to get to our best level, which is obviously not the one we are showing now. But we are analyzing some of the upgrades that we brought lately; here in Brazil we have a sprint format so maybe it’s a more traditional weekend for us, not experimenting as much as the last two.

“Obviously we are not happy, Mike (Krack, team principal) is not happy, no one is happy with the current form. But at the same time I said a few races ago that this team was 250 people two years ago, now we are in this transition to hopefully be a contender for the future — 800 people, new factory, seven podiums this year, 200 more points than last year — all these kind of things which are not the current form.

“We should not be happy but we cannot be too dramatic about the situation when this 2023 campaign has been a super season for us.”