Aston Martin DBS coupe spied sporting new design language

Aston Martin is on a hot streak as it significantly updates and redesigns its two-door sports cars and grand tourers one after the other. We got to try out the new DB12 just last year; a new Vantage launched only weeks ago; and now the ultra-pricey DBS

is going under the microscope.

Seeing spy shots of Aston out testing the next-gen DBS is no surprise, though – the previous generation is all finished, ending with the limited-production DBS 770 Ultimate. This new DBS (expect it in both coupe and convertible Volante

forms) is already looking like it will share some visual cues with the DB12
, most notably the wide, slotted grille that fills its maw. The headlights are under camo, but we can see some LED light sneaking through what are surely some new headlight modules.

Moving to the hood, Aston is covering up the vents on this test car that is rumored to keep its V12 engine. It’ll likely be an updated version of the 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 seen in the outgoing DBS, and the engine itself should be one of the biggest differentiators between the DBS and DB12 now that the latter is only fitted with a twin-turbo V8.

The DBS’s long side profile looks familiar, though we suspect the camo is doing a good job covering up some new sheet metal and rear-most pillar design. We can see a tweaked quad exhaust design poking out what also looks like a new rear bumper and diffuser, but above that Aston covers everything up with deceiving camouflage – the ducktail spoiler looks cool, but don’t be surprised if it looks a little different once the wrappings come off. 

Where the most dramatic changes should present themselves will be the interior of the DBS. Just like the DB12 and Vantage

(above, left), expect a new center stack, Aston Martin-designed infotainment, a digital gauge cluster and a pretty center console full of satisfying buttons and switches. The changes should effectively bring the DBS into the modern era of car interiors, because the outgoing design (above, right) sure looked like it was stuck in the early 2010s.

We’re not sure exactly when Aston will unveil its new DBS, but considering how far along this prototype tester looks, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the reveal happen in the 2024 calendar year.

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