Aston Martin Vantage V8 refresh teased before February 12 debut

Aston Martin’s begun its teaser campaign for the refreshed Vantage V8 and given us a date for the debut: February 12. Last year, Aston’s product and market strategy director, Alex Long, told Auto car

, “We’ll see in our sports car
and GT range much more breadth and separation between one end and the other, where today they’re quite similarly positioned. We’ll see a much broader operating range.” The changes coming for the Vantage will plant its flag at the “complete hooligan” end of the spectrum, according to chief creative officer Marek Reichman, while still maintaining composure.

The first teaser seems a bit of a decoy. Spy shots from last year of the coupe and convertible (pictured) reveal obvious differences like new, dual-level headlights, a different hood with new vents and shut lines, a reworked taillight arrangement, and a vented rear bumper compared to the current car. The car in the video doesn’t show any of these. And at about five seconds in, there’s a shot of a rear wheel and diffuser that haven’t appeared on any Vantage, ever — because they’re the back end of the Valkyrie.

The second teaser promises audiences the Vantage V8 is “Engineered for real drivers.” It is a static shot of a new seat plopped in the middle of a road. The aperture in the frame and split-bottom bolster make us think this could be a lightweight performance option. For the teaser, Aston Martin Aramco F1 team driver Fernando Alonso provides a voiceover in explanation, “As soon as you sit in the driving seat, you must understand your car. It’s that connection that lets you get to the limit. You are no longer two separate things. You are both responding to each other and completely speaking the same language.”

With a month to go until the big day, we suspect more teasers are on the way. Who knows what Aston Martin model they’ll feature, though.