Audi reveals the ultra-limited 2025 RS 6 GT

Remember the Audi RS 6 GTO concept

? Well, it’s here. Just when you thought Audi’s brutish RS 6 couldn’t get any more badass, VW’s luxury subsidiary comes along and one-ups itself. Meet the Audi RS 6 Avant GT — a model limited to just 660 units, of which only 85 will come to the United States. Still interested? Well of course, because it’s a sexy, twin-turbo, V8-powered station wagon that looks like a race car. The GT’s wild appearance is a feature, not a bug. All 85 destined for the USA will be finished as you see here, in Arkona White with the Audi
Sport heritage decal package. Let’s take a closer look. 

We’d start under the hood, but there’s not much news there; per Audi, the GT will make the same power as the existing RS 6 Performance (630 hp in Europe; 621 here).  What you will get is a redesigned body wrapped in copious amounts of carbon fiber

— hood, fenders, bumpers, you name it. The roof edge spoiler is unique too, as is the rail-less roof spoiler itself. The GT also wears unique 22-inch wheels finished in Avus (not Arkona) White. The GT will also come equipped with ceramic brakes
and a manually adjustable coil-over suspension. Audi says it’ll drop the RS 6 an additional 10 mm compared to the lowest setting offered by the Performance model’s adaptive ride height.

Despite what you see in photos, we won’t be getting the sport bucket seats; U.S.-spec models will come with the standard Performance seats with red/copper stitching. A panoramic sunroof is also standard, which sure looks neat, but we’re not sure which race car inspired a heavy piece of glass in the tippy-top of the cabin. It’s okay; being lightweight was never the RS 6’s thing. We’ll let it slide. Look for final U.S. specs on the RS 6 GT as we get closer to its launch for 2025. 

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